The success or failure of a product on the market depends on whether the product is truly valuable and attractive for the target client. Products may have very different critical properties, which is usually not solely their appearance. Our designers know how to identify what is truly important and valuable for a particular product. We also know how this skill helps us to take the product one step ahead of competitors, highlighting the unique brand values of our clients as well.

Even the most elaborate concept will not be implemented if it has not been well worked out and is unaffordable for the target client. Our engineers have designed and optimised both complex industrial equipment and consumer electronics for everyday use.

Good project management is key in product development projects in order to ensure timing and compliance with requirements for implementing the project successfully. We have extensive experience in managing larger and smaller product development projects, which enables us to offer our clients the best service.

Ten Twelve has the best software and experience for carrying out FEA analyses of assemblies and details. We can assess and analyse the mechanical resistance of assemblies and details to pressure, impact, vibration and wear. The software we use also enables us to analyse temperature conductivity as well as air flow in equipment.

From the beginning of a project, we can compare the cost efficiency of various production and material technology alternatives by identifying the ongoing project detailed decision making principles, including investments that are required to manufacture a particular solution.

Because of our extensive cooperation network and years of experience we can also offer either fully functional prototypes or manufacturing services – both pre-series and volume production. We know how to keep deadlines and acheive competetive prices in Europe or in Asia.